DUOMO The Eight

Color: Silver
Sale price60.000 KWD


Due to electric static generated from grinding coffee, lumps coffee ground may form in the portafilter.
This may lead to channeling, which causes uneven extraction.
Distribution tools on the market are only capable of distributing the top, not the bottom of the coffee ground in the portafilter.

DUOMO The Eight brings competition level extraction with every shot of espresso. Using DUOMO The Eight is a very pleasurable experience. The high-quality aluminum body feels great in the hand and looks even better on your countertop. The Eight is very ergonomic, and can excel in a busy cafe or compliment a meditative, morning espresso routine. The action of the press is very satisfying, the spin is effortless and effective, and the base has a built in brush to keep the eight needles nice and tidy.

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