Blend Ghawar Fleld - Dried Coffee

Date: 18/05/2024
Sale price4.000 KWD


Dark Roast Freeze Dried Coffee.

Discover the art of specialty freeze-dried coffee, where time stands still and flavor reigns supreme. This exquisite method captures the essence of freshly brewed coffee, preserving its vibrant aroma and rich taste through a delicate process of sublimation. Each sip becomes a journey into a world of pure indulgence, where every nuance of flavor is celebrated. Easy to make and perfect for long-term storage, freeze-dried coffee is a testament to the pursuit of perfection!


Origins: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Indonesia.

Notes: Intense Chocolate, Almonds, Long aftertaste.

Intensity : Intense coffee.

Roast: Dark.

6x3 gram.

Recipe and Instructions:

Sustainable drinks: Water/Milk (Hot or Cold).

Water: 200-220ml

Milk: 180-200ml

How to make it?

Step 1: Add water or milk. 

Step 2: Remove the cover and pour the coffee powder. 

Step 3: Stir and enjoy!

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