Distribution Tool

Sale price16.500 KWD


Whether you have a lever or pump driven espresso machine this tool will dramatically improve the consistency your espresso results

It needs to be used with a distribution funnel, which we also offer if you do not already have one, to ensure the coffee grounds remain in the portafilter as you stir them

We spent more time and money developing this distribution tool than any other single item

With the LONDINIUM distribution tool you can have a very simple espresso preparation process that rewards you with a high level of consistency in your extractions

Instead of a great shot now and then, the poor shots will become the exception and the exceptional shots will become the rule

A great gift for owners of other brands of espresso machine too - this tool will transform the quality of the espresso from any machine

This tool makes such a difference to the consistency of your extraction that we include it free with every machine we sell as it enables users to get great results quickly

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