Kawa Colombia Las Margaritas (Gesha) 200g - Filter

Date: 20/05/2022
Sale price14.000 KWD


Notes: Strawberry Jam - Floral.

A coffee with a great aromatic complexity, to be used preferably in the gentle method.
Variety Gesha
Method Natural Anaerobic
Producer Las Margaritas (Granja la Esperanza)

Granja la Esperanza

This coffee from the Valle de la Cauca is a unique variety from the large Colombian farm Granja La Esperanza, specifically Las Margaritas. The farm is located at an altitude of over 1600m and is considered one of the pioneers of specialty coffee in Colombia.

Granja La Esperanza has a perfect mastery of coffee fermentation. This variety has been dried naturally for 15 days in patios under controlled humidity.

In the cup, we have an explosion of flavours. A perfect coffee to start with in a gentle way!

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