Colombia Pink Bourbon 250g - Filter

Date: 18/03/2024
Sale price11.500 KWD


That is a coffee that will run out very quickly, it is so so so good!

In the cup, you can expect Peach, Earl Grey and Rose Hip.

The 2 owners Andres Julio Quiceno and Julio Cesar Madrid have 3 farms : Finca La Riviera, Finca Buenos Aires and Finca Milan, there are about 45 minutes outside the city of Pereira in Risaralda, Colombia. There are over nineteen varieties of coffee on Finca La Riviera today and the oldest coffee trees were planted in Finca Milan years ago in what used to be farmland shared by coffee farmers and cattle ranchers. The first farmland cultivated with coffee trees was owned by Julio Cesar Madrid’s ancestors and has been operating for over 40 years. Julio is committed to producing incredible coffees and exercising his creativity in his processing methods together with his business partner and processor, Andres Julio Quiceno.

This lot was dry fermented for 37 hours, fully washed with clean water, transferred to the solar dryer for three days, and finally moved to shaded raised beds to complete the drying process. It takes between 23-27 days for coffee to reach the desired humidity level of 10.5-11%.

Country Colombia
Region Pereira, Finca Riviera
Farmer Andres Julio Quiceno

1500 m.a.s.l.

Pink Bourbon
Washed 1 Day Anaerobic

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