Colombia Edwin Norena 200g - Filter

Date: 29/09/2023
Sale price8.000 KWD


Hello coffee lovers! We present you a real treasure in grain form. We have a brand new exclusive coffee that will liven up your morning, change your afternoon and bring you peace until the evening. Our new product Colombia Edwin Norena Mojito - it's a name you'll like as much as the taste.

This coffee is like no other. It is 100% Arabica, which guarantees high quality and a unique taste. But this is not all! Its flavor profile is truly exceptional. Mint, cane sugar, white rum - all of that comes to mind after the first sip. Yes, you read that right, it tastes like a Mojito!

Imagine waking up and holding a cup of coffee that instantly transports you to sunny Colombia. You can smell mint, cane sugar and white rum, which is combined with the smell of delicious coffee. Coffee Colombia Edwin Norena Mojito is not only coffee. It is an experience, a journey and an adventure in one cup.

Say no to boring routine cups of coffee and try something new, something exciting. Buy 200g of mint juice in coffee beans right now. Imagine how amazing it will be when you find out that you have found your new favorite coffee. Colombia Edwin Norena Mojito - coffee that will change your view of the world. Bring some Colombian sunshine into your life. A unique opportunity to expand your coffee horizons awaits you! It also tastes great in cold brew. SCA: 88.5

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