Three Coffee Colombia Disco 250g - Filter

Date: 10/06/2022
Sale price6.500 KWD


Single Origin Colombia Coffee

This is a limited run microlot coffee from the Finca La Esperanza, a farm situated high in the Central Andes at an elevation of 1800 MASL. The high altitude slows the maturation of the best espresso coffee cherries producing an incredibly sweet and vibrant coffee. Finca La Esperanza is a farm managed by Davide and his family, producers focused on delivering consistently high quality microlots. Being a Caturra varietal, this fruity coffee is naturally sweet and syrupy, with soft fruited notes. This particular lot was processed as a Carbonic Macerated Natural, adding to a complex and funky fruit forward cup profile. In the cup, you can expect notes of florals, red fruits, with a funky, spiced finish.


Purple Sweetness & Flavour

A complex cup profile producing notes of Florals, Chocolates and Deep, Purple Fruits

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