Colombia Binty 250g - Filter

Date: 11/05/2024
Sale price4.750 KWD


Notes: Mango - Passion Fruit - Peach - Pineapple - Chocolate

Process: Natural


Clearpath Coffee


El Puente


1500 - 1800 m

Variety Caturra- Castillo


Palestina, Pitalito, San Adolfo


April - June & September - December


About El Puente

Our partners at Clearpath Coffee are working hard to make changes for the better. In
2018, they established El Puente, a social impact project that aims to work on three
main problems that small holder farmers and producers in Colombia face when
processing specialty grade coffee: a lack of post harvesting infrastructure, lack of
financial resources, and the risk in experimenting with new processing methods that
are demanded by the specialty industry.
El Puente looks to solve these problems for 240 families of coffee producers by
taking on the risks of selling processed coffees to the right clients. They purchase
the whole, harvested cherries from producers at a dry coffee price and process the
cherries at the El Puente mill, where they have the infrstructure available to process
up to 500 bags of 70kg coffee sacks every month. Most of the coffees go through the
natural and honey processing methods, as washed methods use significantly more
water to successfully process the coffee.
Clearpath Coffee have teamed up with the right people who help them be successful
in this project and allow them to focus on helping producers thrive in a way that
is socially and environmentally sustainable. They have allied with Yunus Social
Business Colombia to help with the investment portfolio, Trilladora Aromas del Sur
for use of their dry mill, and expert producers and community leaders to help with
the processing and quality stages, including Claudia Samboni, Rodrigo Sanchez,
Ayda Samboni and Felix Samboni, all of whom dedicate time and energy to
helping El Puente thrive. Project Origin are excited to do our part too and share the
extraordinary community work of Clearpath Coffee and El Puente.

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