Three Coffee Burundi Bourbon 1kg - Espresso

Date: 10/06/2022
Sale price17.000 KWD


Welcome to Burundi. Being part of our Green Range, this Sun-dried Natural exhibits a vibrancy and clean character in the cup. Being a natural, the cherries ferment aerobically (with oxygen) on raised beds as they dry for a period of 28-32 days in partial shade. This extended drying time contributes directly to the high sweetness within this coffee. As this lot is from a cooperative, taking cherries from over 1500 different smallholder farms, it is complex, with hints of red fruits, stone fruits, citrus, with a lingering sweetness.

Green Acidity & Clarity

Very complex coffee with notes of Stones Fruits, Dried Fruits, Florals, Honey and Spices

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