Classico Brazil Regional Green Coffee 1Kg

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Tasting Notes: soft citric acidity, caramel, milk chocolate, nougat, roasted nut and raisins flavor.

 Green Coffee


Various small producers


Brasil minas gerais

Variety Yellow Bourbon


900 - 1300 m


Minas Gerais


June - August



About Regional Clàssico

In the specialty coffee world, nothing is more Clàssico than the consistent, reliable
flavour of naturally processed Brazilian coffee. And the place most likely to create
such an experience is Minas Gerais, where this Regional offering from Project
Origin is sourced. Minas Gerais harvests around June to August each year and is
the largest coffee growing region in Brazil, contributing half of the country’s supply
and around 15% of all coffee production across the world. It has ideal high-volume
specialty growing conditions, and it would have to be to contribute so much volume!
With an average annual rainfall of around 1350mm, temperatures ranging from 22
to 30ºCelsius and altitudes from 850 - 1350 masl, this is certainly an area with which
to be familiar.
The variety used in our Regional Clàssico is yellow bourbon, as we utilise what is
grown across the region and what matches our desired cup profile. The yellow
bourbon is a natural mutation between red bourbon and typica, and it is renowned
for its sweetness and texture, citric acidity, and dried fruit notes like raisin. Our
Regional Clàssico is precisely that - a classic rendition of yellow bourbon processed
in a traditional natural method to showcase the region of Minas Gerais. This offering
is harvested from June through to August and has a profile that is medium to full
bodied and has a soft citric acidity, with flavours of caramel, milk chocolate, nougat,
roasted nuts, raisin, and citrus. It is an ideal coffee for consistency in milk-based
espresso blends.

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