Costa Rica Mario 250g - Omni

Date: 04/09/2023
Sale price5.500 KWD


Mario's crop from Costa Rica is fruity and unique

The crop comes with a red honey treatment that adds a fruity character and a distinctive sweetness that appears clearly in the character of coffee

Crop specifications

Region: San Jose

Breed: Cataway

Height: 1600

Body: moderate


Aromatic flowers - carambola fruit - honey - white chocolate

The yield is distinguished by the character of sweetness and is very suitable for hot and cold filter drinks.. It is very beautiful with Cold Brew drinks because the character of sweetness and fruit appears beautifully..

The crop gave beautiful results and a creamy texture in espresso drinks, whether with a long preparation with high hydration or by extracting on 9 bars .. It gives a luxurious espresso cup with prominent sweetness

Suitable for small and medium milk drinks such as Cortado and Flat White

Suggested drip coffee recipe:

Quantity of coffee: 20 grams

The amount of water: 300 ml

Water temperature: 89

Extraction time: 2:50

Grinding degree: medium coarseness

How to prepare :

First pour 40ml - wait until 0:30

Pour the second to 130 ml - wait until 1:10

The third pour to 220 ml - wait until 2:10

Last pour to 300ml - extraction ends at 2:50


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