Mini Express Coffee Maker 2Tz - Rosso

Sale price18.000 KWD


Bialetti Mini Express provides a unique way of serving coffee, which is poured directly into the cups!
For those who want a special meeting with coffee lovers.

The Bialetti Mini Express works exactly the same way as the classic Moka Express. However, it allows you to brew coffee in an extraordinary style. The upper part does not contain a typical container, it is replaced by a special platform on which glasses are placed directly.
The Bialetti Mini Express 2tz model is used to prepare 2 cups of espresso at once. To prepare a real Italian espresso, you only need this coffee pot, good coffee and a few minutes.
Along with the Mini Express come two ceramic cups (Bicchierini) for espresso.

Moka for 2 cups 50ml.

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