Arriyadh Roaster's Skirina Coffee 250g

Date: 01/03/2023
Sale price6.500 KWD


A unique, unconventional coffee whose beans are grown in the Fresno region of Tolima, Colombia, known as the third largest coffee-producing region in Colombia; It is grown in the central part of the Columbia Mountains at an altitude of more than 1,800 feet

 The coffee was produced from a hybrid of three different strains of coffee beans, which are Catura, whose flowers grow abundantly close to each other in small spaces, and Red Bourbon, which is known for its sweet taste close to the fruit flavor, and Castillo, which is distinguished by its aromatic and smooth flavor on the tongue.

Like the beauty of the Skarinia region, known for its farms and palm trees; We offer you a saccharine coffee with a unique taste, such as the uniqueness of the growing conditions of its beans, as well as its drying in the intermittent system, and its fermentation treatment by carbonic steeping for 48 hours in steel cabinets, then drying it under the sun for three months.

To produce amazing tasting coffee suitable for making: cold brew, espresso, or by using the filter.


Notes: guava, sweet peach, red fruits with a medium acidity

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