Arriyadh Roaster's Aqariy Al Oula Coffee 250g

Date: 26/01/2023
Sale price14.000 KWD


From that famous event (the Elite Cup Auction) to compete in international competitions with precise criteria to nominate the best types of coffee in the world, and from the Volcan Azul farm in the high mountains of Costa Rica in particular, where the carbon soil and climate are suitable for growing the finest crops that were nominated for the Excellence Cup auction, we chose coffee for you The first real estate coffee is that place that is well known by those who lived that era in Riyadh, as it was the first leader in the most visited places at that time, and it is considered the first landmark that visitors and residents of Riyadh would visit. Shopping and its usual form turned into an integrated entertainment experience enjoyed by all family members, as it was later known as Al-Aqaria Mall


Coffee Origin: Costa Rica, Volcan Azul

Processing: anaerobic drying

Silky texture

Size: 250 grams

Costa Rica
Anaerobic drying

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