Arriyadh Roaster's Al Battha Coffee 250g

Date: 26/02/2023
Sale price6.250 KWD


Al-Bathaa is the flat land in which water flows, leaving sand and gravel. From here, the name of Al-Bathaa neighborhood came with its vibrant street and full of memories with unforgettable stories with this neighborhood and its most famous street, and because it is a neighborhood immortal in memory, we brought coffee for Al-Bathaa Street coffee from Panama, specifically the Pedra Candela region, next to Wadi The famous Vulcan for its charming influence on the Finca Alita farm, which is located at an altitude of 1300-1500 meters above sea level, to be treated with hot anaerobic fermentation according to the Joseph Brodsky method, to enjoy the best cup of espresso and drip coffee that tickles your senses and ignites your deep memory


Coffee Origin: Panama - Vulcan Valley - Piedra Candela

Processing: carbon soaking

Indications: Silky texture

 Suitable for espresso and drip coffee 

Panama Carbon drenching

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