Almarqab Coffee 250g

Date: 23/03/2022
Sale price6.000 KWD


Suitable for espresso and filter drinks

Where the sweet taste that mixes between fruits, chocolate, and honey. It reflects notes of orange, citrus, mango, and tropical fruits.

Breed: Catura

City: Shenzhen

Area: La Gomera

Processing: prolonged drying

Height: 1550 meters above the ground

From an altitude of up to 1550 meters above the ground on the island of La Gomera, surrounded by the sea, and filled with the scent of trees… This coffee comes to you as a memory that takes you to the ends of the earth.

The Catura dynasty was discovered in Brazil between 1915-1918. This strain is characterized by its genetic mutation called dwarfism, which leads to smaller plant growth. This allows growers to place plants close together and their secondary branches close together, and enables trees to produce more fruit in the same location. This strain undergoes a process called mass selection, i.e. selecting a group of seeds that have been distinguished by their superior performance, combining them to form a new generation, and repeating the process. This ensures that you get the best coffee production.

This is the memory from which we were inspired by the Al-Marqab neighborhood, in which mud houses were stacked, and people spread out as the smell of coffee spread between the narrow alleys.

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