Friedhats Indonesia Frinsa Edun Anaerobic Natural 250g - Filter

Date: 16/01/2023
Sale price7.750 KWD


“Sophisticated Funk” was the name of the game with this coffee and it worked! This lot is named “Edun” meaning crazy although this coffee only has 3 day anaerobic fermentation compared to the Rujak Bebeg which had 14 days! This is the last lot for this year from the Frinsa experiments run in collaboration with Nordic Approach and it finishes the ride with a cup that is bright like kombucha and full like dark chocolate.

This is the second time around we’ve had the Frinsa Edun, and if you thought the last one was a lil too funky then you’ll like this. With the same notes but much softer on the palette. We’d even go as far to say… possible for… every day… drinking?

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