Columbia - Nestor Lasso [Bourbon Rose] - Espresso - 200g

Date: 27/01/2022
Sale price6.000 KWD


A Pink Bourbon whose fermentation brings out notes of passion fruit and molasses. Specially roasted for filter and mild methods, it is a rich and round coffee.
Varieties Bourbon Rose
Method Natural Fermentation 180h
Plantation El Diviso
Score 88+

El Diviso

Nestor, 22, represents El Diviso, his family farm in southwestern Colombia, which is run by himself, his brother Adrian and his father Jose. While Adrian and Jose manage the day-to-day practices of the farm, Nestor's main focus is on the tasting labs where he samples roasts, cups and explores new process/profile possibilities.

El Diviso's philosophy is to be progressive and to discover new methods to improve the quality of the cups while acknowledging, but not being bound by, the traditional definitions. The group rigorously experiments with process, fermentation and different micro-organisms to create what they hope will be unique and internationally renowned cup profiles.

This batch comes from a 5-year-old plot of Pink Bourbon (a rare hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon), which grows organically in the natural shade of native citrus and plantain. Extended natural drying for 180 hours has created a dense, rich and smooth cup.

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