Brazil Rafael Vinhal 200g - Omni

Date: 29/09/2023
Sale price6.000 KWD


Wake up to your morning with a pleasant feeling of nobility with coffee COFFEE HOLIK Brazilia by Rafael Vinhal! A coffee so unique and alive that it transports you directly to the Brazilian coffee plantations with every breath of its rich aroma. This coffee cannot be ignored. Let yourself be tempted by its distinctive flavor profile dominated by notes of lemongrass, lavender and violets.

COFFEE HOLIDAY Brazil Rafael Vinhal is not just coffee. It is the story of farmer Rafael Vinhal, who takes care of every grain with love and care on his farm, Fazenda Estrela. Each grain is hand-picked and undergoes a triple fermentation and washing process to ensure maximum quality and uniqueness of taste. This coffee is rated at 86.00 SCA , which indicates its excellent quality.

With the COFFEEHOLIC Brazilia Rafael Vinhal, you can live a real coffee experience. Its light roasting ensures that each cup will be full of rich and complex flavors that will be surprisingly smooth and balanced, with significant intensity. It is the ideal choice for those looking for moments of peace and relaxation while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience authentic Brazilian coffee right at your home! Order COFFEEHOLIC Brazilia Rafael Vinhal today and enjoy a unique experience with every sip. Let yourself be carried away by the waves of notes of lavender, lemongrass and violets and treat yourself to a moment just for yourself with this selection of coffee.

Roasted coffee beans, composition 100% Arabica. Flavor profile: lavender, lemongrass, notes of violets. Farm: Fazenda Estrela. Altitude: 950 - 1450 m above sea level. Variety: Topazio Peaberry. Processing: triple fermentation + washed. Acidity: oooo-. Body: ooo--. Intensity: ooooo. SCA: 86.00. Light roasting. Method of preparation: filter.

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