Orion Bean Doser

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Save time and optimize your workflow with Acaia's Orion coffee doser. Just load it up with coffee beans, select your dose weight, and hit go - it couldn't be simpler.

The Orion is ideal for high volume production environments where prep work is crucial and time savings add up quickly. With the Orion, you can dose 18 grams of beans in about 5 seconds, accurate within 2 beans, and run in a fully automatic mode that will start when a container is placed on the scale platform and stop with an audible beep when the dose is reached. If your cafe workflow involves prepping and stocking doses for by-the-cup brews or espresso, you can conceivably cut your prep time in half. In a roastery, the Orion can be set to Green Mode to weigh out doses for sample roasting or retail bags of greens. It can also be used for retail coffee bagging, made easier with an optional 2 kg hopper. With a 3000 g scale capacity and the option to weigh in either grams or ounces, the Orion is a versatile production tool with a wide range of potential uses.

Using the Orion is simple: just add beans to the hopper, turn the dial to select one of three adjustable preset doses, and hit the bottom button to dispense into your desired container. Dosing will self-adjust with use, so speed and accuracy will improve to better hit the target mass. There are three speed options built in: Precise, Fast, and Green. Precise mode aims for extra precision to hit the target mass at a slight cost to dosing speed, and is best used for small doses. Fast mode aims for dosing speed at a slight expense of precision, and is best used for doses over 100 grams. In our tests of Fast mode, a 275 gram dose took about 10-10.5 seconds and fell within 1 gram of target, while in Precise mode the same dose took about 13-14 seconds and fell within 0.3 grams of target. Green mode is intended for use with unroasted coffee, which is denser than roasted and thus carries more mass per bean.

The Orion uses an internal battery, like Acaia's other devices. It includes an AC adapter with a USB-C plug to charge the unit, and battery life should be at least 3-4 days depending on usage. Orion also includes Bluetooth connectivity, so it may interface with Acaia's apps, and it can also receive firmware updates to add or improve functionality.

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