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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Save 11.550 KD
Summer Vibes PackageSummer Vibes Package
Sale price46.200 KWD Regular price57.750 KWD
Summer Vibes PackagePackage Offer
Save 14.900 KD
Kalita Traveller PackageKalita Traveller Package
Sale price59.600 KWD Regular price74.500 KWD
Kalita Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 7.300 KD
Hario Traveller PackageHario Traveller Package
Sale price41.450 KWD Regular price48.750 KWD
Hario Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 11.250 KD
Cafflano Traveller PackageCafflano Traveller Package
Sale price45.000 KWD Regular price56.250 KWD
Cafflano Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 5.960 KD
Toddy Summer PackageToddy Summer Package
Sale price33.790 KWD Regular price39.750 KWD
Toddy Summer PackagePackage Offer
Save 13.900 KD
Flair Traveller PackageFlair Traveller Package
Sale price125.100 KWD Regular price139.000 KWD
Flair Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 6.790 KD
Delter Summer PackageDelter Summer Package
Sale price38.460 KWD Regular price45.250 KWD
Delter Summer PackagePackage Offer
Save 11.250 KD
Kompresso Traveller PackageKompresso Traveller Package
Sale price63.750 KWD Regular price75.000 KWD
Kompresso Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 55.550 KD
Jura Z10 Summer PackageJura Z10 Summer Package
Sale price1,055.450 KWD Regular price1,111.000 KWD
Jura Z10 Summer PackagePackage Offer
Save 22.450 KD
Holz V60 Premium PackageHolz V60 Premium Package
Sale price202.050 KWD Regular price224.500 KWD
Holz V60 Premium PackagePackage Offer
Save 13.440 KD
Toddy Cold Brew Premium PackageToddy Cold Brew Premium Package
Sale price121.060 KWD Regular price134.500 KWD
Toddy Cold Brew Premium PackagePackage Offer
Save 9.250 KD
Aeropress Go Traveller PackageAeropress Go Traveller Package
Sale price63.000 KWD Regular price72.250 KWD
Aeropress Go Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 24.400 KD
Flair 58X Traveller PackageFlair 58X Traveller Package
Sale price219.600 KWD Regular price244.000 KWD
Flair 58X Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 8.200 KD
Hario Cold Brew Summer PackageHario Cold Brew Summer Package
Sale price32.800 KWD Regular price41.000 KWD
Hario Cold Brew Summer PackagePackage Offer
Save 31.540 KD
Tiamo Cold Drip Summer Premium PackageTiamo Cold Drip Summer Premium Package
Sale price178.710 KWD Regular price210.250 KWD
Tiamo Cold Drip Summer Premium PackagePackage Offer
Save 8.840 KD
Clever Traveller PackageClever Traveller Package
Sale price50.160 KWD Regular price59.000 KWD
Clever Traveller PackagePackage Offer
Save 7.810 KD
Icicle Summer PackageIcicle Summer Package
Sale price23.440 KWD Regular price31.250 KWD
Icicle Summer PackagePackage Offer
Save 2.750 KD
Summer Vibes Accessory PackageSummer Vibes Accessory Package
Sale price22.000 KWD Regular price24.750 KWD
Summer Vibes Accessory PackagePackage Offer

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